Time Capsule - 2035

Time Capsule 2035

Call for Submissions

What’s this about?

We all know how fast the world is changing. Canadians are signing up to go to the moon, we’re developing cars that drive themselves, while fingerprint technology and retinal scans will soon replace our need for passwords. What could possibly be next?

Do kids think about this and imagine our world in the future? What will the year 2035 look like? How will our citizens of tomorrow – shape the community we live in?

We want to ask the children of today and find out!




Submit your predictions on what you think the world will look like in the year 2035.



What are the rules?

  • Open to all students in Canada, grades 1-8 on any topic
  • Includes essays, poems and stories to a max of 200 words, no minumum
  • Original artwork optional
  • Teachers are encouraged to submit classroom entries
  • Can be submitted online or by snail mail
  • Entries can be typed or neatly handwritten
  • Final entry deadline, March 31, 2014

And then what happens?

  • A collection of the best entries from all ages across the country, will be published in a book entitled, Time Capsule – 2035.
  • Press Here to Start Publishing will post blog updates on book progress
  • Parental approvals will be obtained before publication
  • Authors of published entries will receive one free copy of the book